The Pantheon Of Gambling Software Vendors

Suppliers with inherently identical characteristics.

Industry leaders

Playtech, Microgaming, Net Entertainment all the players mentioned are the undisputed dominators of the sector. These brands are widely recognized even by an average novice bettors or aspiring online casino proprietor. These reputable brands are highly esteemed and respected. Game software offered by these manufacturers boasts impeccable quality and dependability.

All of the previously mentioned companies have distinct attributes. For example, the total number of casinos surpassed several thousands a while back (Microgaming claims the top spot in this area). The behemoth of the sector remains dedicated to satisfying their followers with fresh content and products regularly; with a total number of offerings exceeding several hundreds, the customer-centric enterprise is still focused on conquering new achievements.

Furthermore, each mentioned company boasts a fairly extensive collection of games with progressive jackpots, substantial prize sums. It is important to highlight that these jackpots are won regularly. All the companies are registered and possess compliance licenses. They undergo frequent audits, operate efficiently in countries with legislation pertaining to online betting and place great emphasis on security aspects.

The veterans

These companies have been engaged in software development business for over 10 years, but for various reasons they are moderately renowned among bettors. Some developers promote their product rather passively, some are too fixated on individual markets, others concentrate their efforts on specific regions exclusively.

Bossmedia, Cryptologic, Novomatic, 888/DragonFish have a limited number of casino clients. Each of them partners with around 10 casinos (monosoft membership), Cryptologic has only two partners. However, these game developers can frequently be observed as a constituent of the software on different platforms. Furthermore, Novomatic and DragonFish have started increasing revenue in different markets only 2-3 years ago, so if they employ a well-thought-out approach, they will undoubtedly strengthen their positions.

The primary sphere of interest for RealTimeGaming (RTG), WGS Technology (HCV Technology), TopGame, and BetonSoft are still the audiences from the U.S. and Western Europe. Indeed, some companies conduct business in US semi-legally, operating remotely and circumventing local laws and prohibitions. The products by the previously mentioned companies mainly attract experienced bettors. The companies cater to seasoned players with well-crafted mathematical games; RTG and VegasTechnology have sections with regular tournaments.

Regarding the emerging companies, such as Betsoft, Neogames, NextGen – their products can often be found on multi-platform online casino games alongside the leaders, Playtech or Microgaming. Additionally, they are highly regarded by bettors for innovative implementation approaches and genuinely enjoyable gameplay.